Blatant Promotional Meme

OG tagged me with the latest meme. OK. I’ll play, but only because I’ll get to use it as a blatant plug for the Nonbelieving Literati. Here’s the premise of the meme.

1. Grab the nearest book (that is at least 123 pages long).
2. Open to p. 123.
3. Go down to the 5th sentence.
4. Type in the following 3 sentences.
5. Tag five people.

As usual, I’m not going to pass on the meme, so I’ll skip #5. Anyone who wants to consider themselves tagged, feel free to follow suit.

The book I grabbed is the one we are reading for the Nonbelieving Literati, as you can see over there in my right hand column, is Not The End Of The World, by Christopher Brookmyre. Here is the appropriate memetic passage.

Darn right. And don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.

My apologies.

Not a heck of a lot there to whet your appetite, is there? Short dialog, terse, and to the point, whatever it is. Can’t really tell what’s going on, can you?

Since I’ve fulfilled the obligations of the meme, I’ll give you a little more, which will hopefully encourage a few more of you to join the club. Allow me to reproduce for you the entire page 123.

Nunez closed her eyes. Silver looked like he was about to run to the bathroom.

‘And what kind of explosive is it?’


‘Jesus sir, you’re playing for keeps, aren’t you?’

‘Darn right. And don’t take the Lord’s name in vain.’

“My apologies. Just one more question, sir, and this is extremely important: we really have to know this. I’m assuming the device is on a remote trigger. Are you using a bilateral transept detonator or just the old faithful MUB linear?’

“What? The second one. MUB linear.’

‘Uh-oh,’ Larry said to Nunez in a stage whisper, partially covering the mouthpiece so that the caller could still just hear him. “He’s using an MUB linear.’ He took his hand away again. ‘All right, sir. I understand exactly how seriously we have to take you. I’m going to initiate the KMA drill right away.’

‘What’s that?’

‘Kiss My Ass,’ he said, and put the phone down.

Silver’s eyes bulged in horror. The more phlegmatic Nunez just stared at Larry in anticipation.

‘Are you nuts?’ Silver asked.

‘There’s no bomb.’

‘You don’t know that. How can you be sure?’

‘Do you know what MUB stands for?’ Larry asked him.

‘Made Up Bullshit?’ suggested Nunez, with a raise of her right eyebrow.

‘Exactly. Just like a bilateral transept detonator. Bombers first need to know how to build a bomb, Mr. Silver. This guy didn’t. He just wanted to disrupt the party. Bombers also don’t wait around answering questions on the telephone, in case the cops are tracing their call.’ He turned to Nunez. ‘I’m afraid you’re gonna be getting more of these calls over the next few days. I’ll organise for a trace of this line so that we can maybe bust a few of them as a deterrent. The guys running the trace will also be there to talk to the callers, and they’ll soon let you know if there’s anything genuinely worth worrying about.’

‘Thank you Sergeant,’ she said warmly.

‘Don’t sweat it. And Mr. Silver?’

‘Yes Sergeant?’


Did it work?

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6 thoughts on “Blatant Promotional Meme

  1. I haven’t gotten quite that far yet. I’m somewhere around page 80 or so. Brookmyre is a quirky, funny writer. The book is liberally littered with great one-liners.

  2. The nearest book for me is a university type book on Early Greece. I checked mine. The 5th sentence is already halfway down the page. The next three sentences take up the next 1/3 of the page. They are long long sentences discussing some effects of colonization by some obscure Greek city on the economic and social status of the home city. Woo. Extremely exciting.

  3. I haven’t started the book yet, but I hope to soon. I’m trying to get through two more books before the end of the month and pick up on Not The End Of The World about two weeks before it’s due. It doesn’t give it much time to soak in, but at least it’s fresh in my mind.

  4. “A good, expressive use of colour could send him into raptures. His love of it is reflected in his own work in his sombre Nuenen pictures as well as in the bold modern scenes he painted in the south of France. In both cases there was little difference in the basic theoretical principles he was applying.”

    Taken from Van Gogh’s Imaginary Museum Exploring the Artists Inner World. Chapter entitled – Working in Black-and-White and Colour: Van Gogh’s regard for Tonality and Technique

    I had 2 books stacked next to me, the other is Van Gogh by D.M. Field.

  5. Yeah, it’s a fast read. My English friend’s Scottish husband lent me Brookmyre’s One Fine Day in the Middle of the Night to read on the train between London and Cambridge last summer … and I was hooked.

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