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I really didn’t think I’d have that many views by now, only nine months into the inception of this blog. I know that 50,000 separate people have not read my blog, * and that I can also attribute much of it to my friends and regular readers, but it’s still impressive, at least to me. PZ Myers probably passed the same mark a month into his blog, but for little old me, well, it’s overwhelming. I just want everybody to know I’m grateful. Frankly, without all the other great blogs out there, (you know who you are – in fact, you are in my blogroll) linking and networking, I doubt I would have had this many.

In my first post, I said:

I always thought that it seemed somewhat pretentious and egotistical for one to maintain a blog. Who cares what I think, right? I’m just another schmoe with an internet connection.

I still feel like a schmoe. And every post I put up still seems egotistical and pretentious to me. That hasn’t changed. What has changed is that I’ve found that there are a lot of other schmoes out there that enjoy doing this. Where before, I really had no one to share my thinking and ideas with, (the atheist being like the Maytag repairman – the loneliest guy in town), now I find so many like minded people, I can’t keep up with them.

So, thanks again, all you like-minded, egotistical, pretentious readers, commenters and fellow schmoes.

[Thanks to PhillyChief for the revised “L’il Inquisitors” graphic!]

* [It’s amazing how fast you can get the count up by logging in from another computer and repeatedly clicking on links.]

41 thoughts on “50,000!

  1. Congratulations. I’m surprised at how little time many of these atheospheric blogsites have been around. Its almost as if they were created (unless there are more primitive versions out there of which I am unaware? (but if there are primitive versions, there darn well better be links between the older version or the newer version (and don’t bring up punctuated equilibrium (of course I am oddly punctuated, myself), else I shall invoke the god of the internets (how the heck can people thik like this?))).

    And you are welcome. I am (it appears) like minded (though not like punctuated). I am not egotistical (my conception of my ego matches reality, ergo, I am not egotistical, I am honest). And if I were pretentious (which I am, to my knowledge, not), would I not use archaic phraseology and unecessary mulitsylabic and/or polysullabic verbage in my frequent (and frequently odd) posts to this and other atheospheric sites? I will, however, agree that I am a commenter (would that make me one of the comenteers?). And my name is not Schmoe. Its Billy (though I have Curly’s haircut).

    Congratulations on 50,000 hits (makes you sound like s superstar mob enforcer). May there be many more.

  2. You’re welcome from here too, SI. Like I said at your post announcing the big 25K mark, if it weren’t for John Evo you’d only be at 49,811 right now.

    By the way, I’m going to predict the 100,000 comment comes on June 24, 2008.

    every post I put up still seems egotistical and pretentious to me.

    Yeah, me too. In fact, I KNOW mine are a bit. But I can observe my frailties, acknowledge them, and keep on truckin’.

  3. SI said (in very fine print, like the good lawyer he is): * [It’s amazing how fast you can get the count up by logging in from another computer and repeatedly clicking on links.]

    Congratulations on hitting the big 50 and thanks for the tip about how to run up my totals. 😉 My blog has only been going for 2 months, so I’ve got a ways to go before hitting such a landmark myself.

  4. John Evo: true believers don’t “predict,” they “prophesy.” Surely that was what you meant? Then again, scientists do “predict,” so maybe your word choice was right for you. 🙂

  5. As one PES (Pretentious, Egotistical Shmo (note CORRECT spelling (at least acccording to Leo Rosten (who wrote (among other books) The Joys of Yiddish (and Help! I’ve been eaten by parentheses!))))) to another: congratulations. (By the way, have you noticed how the word “schmoe” is a combination of Shemp and Moe?)

  6. Ex: ((((((((((thhhpt!)))))))))

    SI: I thought Shmoo was an uncompleted kiss (smoo(ch))? Or maybe its that stuff I wash my hair with (and I don’t need very much)? So, what’s shmoo with you?

    Philly: Did you ever think, in all of your days, that you would ever find a situation where the term “little Inquisitor costumes” would be apropos?

    SI: Does each one of my visits (and comments) count towards your next total? Or does your totalmeter only count each terminal once per day?

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  8. Congrats on your first 50,000. allow me to introduce myself. I am American liiving in Europe for the past 9 years. I have been atheist most of my life and I will say I am not lonely here. the country where I nnow live spent 50 years under the communists, and the only good thing they left was non belief. Most of the friends I have made here do not believe. The country is basically catholic, but the church does not interject itslelf in to daily or political life as such. Unfortunately we have had influx of moron missionarys, I don’t think they are doing to well in a country that produces excellent wines and the morning coffee at a cafe is a tradition, we also unfortunately have a small contingent of baptists here, but they are small and so far quiet. You have good site and I will visit on reguolar basis

  9. I just couldn’t work anymore yesterday and noodled with it during the end of the Packers-Giants game to unwind. Sorry about the result of that game, Evo.

    I’m glad it’s liked.

  10. Congratulations, SI, and keep up the great blogging. As I’ve said before, your blog was one of the first that I found out there in the atheosphere and it really planted the seeds for the Meme Pool.

    As for pretention, I’ll just say that, even if you feel you started out with a degree of pretention when you started blogging, you can be certain that I at least detect a sincere note of humility in this post.

    Nice work.

  11. Philly (from Wikipedia) The phrase auto de fe refers to the ritual of public penance of condemned heretics and apostates that took place when the Spanish Inquisition or the Portuguese Inquisition had decided their punishment (that is, after the trial). Auto de fé in medieval Spanish means “act of faith”

    Ex knows a lot of shit no one else has heard of and then gets mad when we don’t get his jokes.

    Personally I just thought some flames of Hell-fire were missing.

  12. More goodies for SI:

    On a slightly more pretentious cultural level than Mel Brooks, here’s a number from Bernstein’s Candide. The audio is really garbled, but you only need to watch about 25 seconds to get the idea. The lyrics to those 25 seconds:

    What a day, what a day
    For an auto-da-fe!
    What a sunny summer sky!
    What a day, what a day
    For an auto-da-fe!
    It’s a lovely day for drinking
    And for watching people fry!

  13. Congratulations!

    But don’t worry about anybody noticing schmoeness on you. It’s so dark in here they’ll never see it. 🙂

  14. “Frankly, without all the other great blogs out there, (you know who you are – in fact, you are in my blogroll) linking and networking, I doubt I would have had this many.”

    *wipes the tears away*

    I guess I am just mediocre in your eyes…..thats alright.

    Congrats on the 50,000. wow.

  15. Besides JP, you get more comments than all of us combined. You don’t need our help (although PERSONALLY, I did link you long before the cruel SI). You even have Fundamentalist Christians and Muslims over there!

  16. All of you who bailed early on JP’s last blog have missed some fun. There have been some fun christians commenting that made Iggy look sane, and seeing him argue with them over bats and birds was quite entertaining and then a muslim showed up. Good stuff. I suppose it must be like this for those who work in an asylum.

    Anyway, all of you bastards get believers on your blogs. I don’t get any. See Ex, this is why I have to venture out sometimes to Jesusland. I can’t get that kind of entertainment delivered.

  17. Philly, I agree! I love that girl Trinity, the Muslim Yunas and the Christian Jonah. I think when you get the input of all of these people at once, it really sheds light on the whole idea of belief.

  18. John and PhillyChief: I tried (really, I did) to wade through the ad hominen attacks, misrepresentations, intentional mistatements of others comments, appeals to history, appeals to popularity, to find what was actually being said. I couldn’t. A few posters were lucid. But once it got going, Iggy was, well, I think possessed by aliens is a good description.

    Yet another reason why, though a few have said I should have my own blog, I don’t yet. I’m not sure how I could deal with a meltdown like that one.

  19. Isn’t a “little Inquisitor costume” what Benedict XVI wore for halloween when he was a child?

    Auto-da-fe or treat! Did the cajun inqisitors call for an Étou-da-ffée?

    Congratulations, SI.

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