Happy New Year!

I thought my first post for the new year, 2008 (is it really 2008 already? It seems like just yesterday we were worrying about the Y2K problem, which never materialized), was to simply wish everybody a Happy New Year. That would be almost axiomatic, now, wouldn’t it?

In the short view, I trust and hope not too many of you awoke this morning with a hangover, and if you did, you didn’t regret it. In the long view, I hope and trust that atheism, or to be more precise, critical thinking and the results it leads to, continues to become more prevalent throughout the world. I also hope that people wake up from the long sleep of delusion induced by the pixie dust of religious indoctrination, and come to their senses. Let us apply logic and reason to our one-on-one dealings with our fellow man, rather than exhort them to believe in magical worlds, cockamamie dreams, and delusional thinking.

We have come a long way in just one year. Let us keep moving forward, and prevent the forces of delusion from regaining their authority.

HAPPY (non-delusional) NEW YEAR!

15 thoughts on “Happy New Year!

  1. Didn’t get to Philly for the parade, but there was a substitution.

    My own efforts this year will be dedicated to not making the same mistakes as last.

  2. And a happy new year (new calendar) to you and yours.

    And remember, the Y2K thing was prevented by an army of four-eyed geeks who chain-drink cans of cola and still live with their parents. Odd. I just described my brother-in-law. Who does wear glasses. And is an IT guy. Wow.

    And why should the new year be non-delusional? I have many precious delusions: what I do makes a difference, my boss notices what I do (the good stuff (I KNOW he notices when I screw up)), politicians listen to their constituents, etc. If I don’t have these delusions, I don’t get out of bed. Which is not a bad idea.

  3. Billy – sorry. I don’t know you well enough to make that claim! LOL! Actually, from reading what you have to say, I’d have to guess you’re not.

  4. I do have delusions. However, they are personal and tend to affect only me, or just me and my family (and occasionally the people I work with). The delusions help me remain sane. I think that many people have minor desusions which keep them sane.

    Here’s the difference: I do not try to force my delusions on others. I do not let my delusions run my life. I do not let my delusions affect my rationality and my critical thinking. I do not let my delusions decide for whom I will vote.

    And I like my delusions. They’re cute.

    Happy New Calendar New Year to All!

  5. I think the next cat I get, I’m going to name “Delusions” . That way I’ll be able to feed my Delusions every day, kick my Delusions when I’m angry at the world, or stroke my Delusions when I’m not.

  6. My wife, if we ever get another cat (we have four, one of which weighs in at 25 pounds, drools, and is aggresively affectionate), wants to name it ‘Peeves.’ It will be her pet. Her pet Peeve.

    Great to know you’re a cat person. I thought I liked you and your site.

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