Time For A Change

You’re probably thinking “Jeez! Can’t he keep his hands off his blog and just write?”

Sorry, but I get antsy, and like to see changes in the little things surrounding me. I was getting a little tired of the in-your-face graphic, and, feeling like a little simplicity in my life might calm me down, I noticed that WordPress just released this new theme, so I thought I’d give it a try. Beside, my horoscope for the day said the same thing as the title of this post.

That graphic may be keeping a lot of theists away, (as if the content wouldn’t) so in keeping with our discussions elsewhere, I’m going to make the blog more theist friendly.

Sort of like a venus fly-trap.

17 thoughts on “Time For A Change

  1. Honestly? The page is kind of stark now. I do like the pure, clean feel, but a splash of color somewhere might be nice. And I’m sure our good friend Philly is going to be over here yelling at you for underplaying the visual element.

    As far as your rationale goes: That graphic may be keeping a lot of theists away … The title of the blog has nothing to do with that, right? On second thought, maybe now it’ll really be appealing to Catholics.

    Anyway, I have to confess that I come here for the great writing and the content. As long as the typeface is readable against the background, I’m happy.

  2. Hey, SI, what’s with the time-stamp on comments? It’s incorrect.

    Well, as I suspected Philly was over here complaining about the art — even before I’d finished writing my comment. Some guys are so damn predictable.

  3. I’m in your corner, SI. Then again, I was in your corner the last time you made a change and EVERYONE hated it! But to the poo-pooers I say, who are we as skeptics to disagree with such a meaningful change as one brought on by “my horoscope for the day said the same thing as the title of this post”?

  4. I don’t really mind what the bog looks like as long as its not too cluttered and the content still remains.

    The venus fly-trap remark made me laugh and gave a great idea for a little cartoon, that sadly I lack the artistic skill to make, so heres a written version:

    The theist was tired. Long had he battled against the soldiers of reason, and their arguments. He needed to rest. Out of the corner of his eye he spotted a bold red bridge, curving over a small brook. Giant green walls, with fronds on top, flexing in the wind, gave shelter on each side. ‘I guess it will stop the wind’ he wearily thought to himself, as he trudged heavily towards it.

    Nearing the bridge he saw a sign: ‘Spanish Inquisitor. Beware.’ He didn’t understand, the Inquisition was years ago, or centuries, perhaps even millenia. He didn’t know, his history was bad. His science too, but he didn’t let that bother him. It was then he saw the Bible, resting in the middle of the bridge. A great joy welled up inside of him as he ran towards it. Opening the book with the speed of a child at Christmas, he stared intently at the familiar verse. What he saw reviled him.

    On every page there was writing. Page numbers referencing contradictions elsewhere in the scripture, logical fallacies underlined and Biblical horrors circled in red. He dropped the book as if it were aflame. He tried to step back, the bile rising in his throat, but his feet would not move. Falling backwards, he stuck his hands out to his side, hoping to break his fall. Back against the ground, his hands and feet trapped, it was only then he noticed how sticky the floor was. He pulled and he struggled, but to no avail. He was stuck. He started to pray.

    It was then he noticed the rumbling; pulses of contraction rippling through the floor. The walls creaked and groaned, and then, they started to move. Slowly the walls creeped in, closing like a great mouth. He saw the stars in the sky slowly disappear. Just as the last pricks of starlight were about to be swallowed he heard a great, evil laugh. “Ahhhhaa! Nobody expects the Spanish Inquisitor!”. And then there was nothing.

    (Apologies to John and Monty Python.)

  5. Bear in mind that I’m speaking as one whose blog has been open for one week and has already had a complete make-over, plus ongoing improvements since the initial renovation. Obviously, I share your need to tinker. I like the new look fairly well, but I’m not generally a fan of plain black and white templates. I like coordinated color schemes. Nevertheless, your blog has a tidy structure and is easy to read. Since those are my two primary requirements for blog templates, I’ll give it a thumbs-up.

  6. Philly

    I knew you’d be upset, but you can’t please all the people, etc. I’d like a little more color, and maybe, if I get to the point where i feel I’m going to keep doing this indefinitely, I’ll pay for the upgrade, learn CSS, and add some personal touches. Right now, I’ll have to rely on you commenting often so that your colorful avatar shows up over there in the widget column.


    Thanks. I don’t know about the time stamp. I notice that they often are not set to EST, but I always assumed that perhaps they are set to the time zone that WordPress operates out of, or perhaps the time zones of the commenters. I’ll check this one after I post it.

    [EDIT] It’s about an hour ahead of time. I posted this at 10:14. I do have the ability to change the timestamps, on an individual comment basis, if you want me to change yours. 🙂

    [EDIT #2] I found the setting to change the time universally. Apparently, I had set it up in the spring, but it doesn’t change with DST. Should be OK now.


    My horoscope today says “Your friends will agree with you.” Damn, that’s two days in a row it’s been right. I may have to rethink this blog…


    Great Story! Do you mind if I steal it and put it on a separate page over there with my “About” pages? I think it fits into the ambiance of the blog perfectly. Maybe you can get Philly to create a complimentary cartoon?


    It was the clean lines and easy reading that made me pick it. When I started this blog, I was constantly tweaking it. I’ve been through about 6 themes in as many months. I guess I’m restless. I like your blog though. You seem to have come out of the block running.

  7. Well of course Ex is going to like it.

    I think a makeover should be accompanied with a bunch of sappy-assed, tearful stories like on ABC’s Extreme Home Makeover. I fucking hate that show!

    I will give you credit for picking something with text that’s darker than the background. I don’t like layouts that are the reverse of that. So what’s this about having to pay to upgrade? You have to pay to have added features or something? What a pain. I have to admit I still don’t know too much about how to do certain things with my blog. I have yet to see how to put images within the article like Greta does. My blog seems to have too many forced things that you can’t override, like having text appear over your header. Oh well. I’m an artist not a programmer! I hate web coding.

  8. The themes are standard, and unchangeable. There is a CSS code that you can change, but to make it stick, you have to pay $15 a year. It’s not a lot of money, but as long as there’s enough themes to fit most tastes, why bother?

  9. I just received a CSS book from Amazon (CSS The Definitive Guide, Eric A. Meyer, O’Reilly Publishers) and was motivated to buy it because of this theme, which I like, but which I don’t find satisfactory on readability grounds. But if I can tweak it to a narrower text column, a serif font, and tighter kerning, all of which I have at Grumpy Lion, I would love to switch. And some subtle bits of color too.

    Much as I like Day Dream’s presentation of text, it has some shortcomings in other areas.

  10. Ric

    You can actually play with the CSS on your theme, just to see if it works, esp. now that you have a book on it. It won’t stick, but you can preview it, and if you like it, maybe be motivated to shell out the $15.

    What I did on one of my prior themes, was start changing things like fonts and color to see if I could do it. Some of it’s intuitive, others not.

    Maybe after the Xmas holidays, I’ll look into it.


    I noticed that. You were having fun with the header, and the name and all sorts of things.

  11. To John P

    Steal away, though I don’t think it does justice to your blog. I just had the vivid image of the theist caught in the fly-trap. It made me smile. If Phillychief feels like it, he’s more than welcome to make a cartoon. No pressure.

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