ConPervApedia Redux

While bopping around the Atheosphere, I notice that those page stats listed by Conservapedia seemed to be the talk of the blogs. Even PZ Myers had a post on it.

Bad over at Bad Idea Blog did too, but noted in an Update that the story might not be true. It really did seem too good to be true when I first read it, but it was on the Conservapedia’s own statistics page. Why would they post such embarrassing statistics and risk the resulting ridicule if it was false, and they were not proud of it? I even mentioned that in one of my comments to my original post.

But, alas, it is a story that may be, in fact, too good to be true. Some of the people that know better (with technical knowledge beyond my ken) have fessed up. The stats are “botted”, which I assume has something to do with artificially creating hits on given pages, or something along those lines. Maybe someone else can explain it to me.

In the interest of truth and fairness, however, I feel it’s necessary to reclaim my original post. Let this be a lesson. Accept everything provisionally. Not everything you read may be true.

However, I still think the damn site is like a ship without a captain and crew. It must be running on autopilot. Don’t the people at Conservapedia ever read their own pages? Not to mention that they actually have pages dedicated to the various aspects of homosexuality listed, including one on Gay Bowel Syndrome. As one commenter mentioned on Pharyngula, if there is such a thing as Gay Bowel Syndrome, there must also be something called Straight Vaginal Syndrome.

It still boggles the mind.

6 thoughts on “ConPervApedia Redux

  1. Accept everything provisionally. Not everything you read may be true.

    I would change your last sentence to be even stronger: Everything you read may not be true. I think every school, library, book store, and church in the country should have that on a sign displayed in a prominent place.

  2. Actually, there is such a thing as Gay Bowel Syndrome. The term is used in medical journals. It’s discussed, for example, in Randy Shilts’s book “And The Band Played On” on pages 18-19.

  3. Nontheist:

    Yes, Gay Bowel Syndrome is real. You can find tons of info about it. But the name is offensive, since it can also affect heterosexual women. And its reference, to whatever extent that may be, on Conservapedia is a veiled anti-homosexual message. Watch your ass if you’re gay!

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