Where Are You People Coming From?

This is a throwaway post, and concerns a question that I’ve seen raised elsewhere, and that I find quite amusing. Exactly who are the people that read this blog? (old joke alert!) Both of you. Based on the info I get from WordPress, which admittedly is somewhat limited, it’s somewhat hard to tell. (I still haven’t figured out what Technorati and Feedburner does for bloggers- anyone care to help me?) However there is one set of statistics I get every day that sheds some light on the subject. The search engine terms people type in to find me. Or to find something of interest to them, only to find me in its place. As an example, look at these results from today.

naked 5
hot naked gaysex 2
inquisitor 2
spanish inquisition 2
pareidolia 2
religious humor 2
gay naked men 1
santa claus with fireplace picture 1
spanish current event October 2007 1
daddy naked 1
do vampires really exist ?? solid eviden 1
rorschach inkblot test 1
Self Punishment for sin 1
naked daddy 1
“sean chercover” review 1
inquisition sam harris 1
free christian clipart 1
mutilated woman 1
naked science 1
When did the spanish inquisition begin? 1
offensive religious humor 1
Inkblot test 1
spanish website with word “he” 1
black santa clause 1

With a blog topic that relates primarily to atheism, religion, sometimes a little politics and a pinch of humor, I find it interesting that people find their way here while looking for hot naked gay sex, naked daddies, rorshach tests, mutilated women, offensive religious humor (OK, that might be valid) and a black Santa Claus, although, once this post is published, that’s probably all I’ll get. I can see how a search for the Spanish Inquisition might lead someone here, or maybe someone with an interest in a Spanish website with the word “he” in it, but naked science? What is that anyway? Pure, unadulterated science?

C’mon. Admit it. You’re all reading this blog because you think I’m gay and naked, right? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m not gay.

20 thoughts on “Where Are You People Coming From?

  1. C’mon. Admit it. You’re all reading this blog because you think I’m gay and naked, right? Well, I’m sorry to disappoint you. I’m not gay.

    Aha! But you’re not saying you’re not naked, so you must be! Maybe Paul’s naked blogging is catching on.

  2. As long as I’ve wandered here by accident: do you happen to have any free christian clipart? I want to use it in a rorschach inkblot test I’m creating.

    By the way, I’d like to read the black santa clause someday. Can you find it in any of the contracts you’ve drawn up?

  3. “do vampires really exist ?? solid eviden 1”

    That was me. And what’s better, a stake in the heart or exposure to sunlight?

    I’m on a scientific quest.

  4. I found you from Gretta’s site. I found her from A Babe in the Universe’s site which I found at Richard Dawkins site. (where I was looking up Gay Daddy’s Ha ha,)

  5. As part of my work, I regularly comb the internet for reference images for whatever it is I have to build. Without fail no matter what the subject matter I’m researching (this year – Superdome, New Orleans, rain forest, central America, jaguars, to name a few), I always get porn in there somewhere. Sometimes I’m truly amazed like when I search the scientific name of a plant or a surgical procedure.

    Occasionally I find unrelated sites that are worth bookmarking for completely different reasons than why I was originally searching. Some that even have nothing to do with porn! So perhaps you’ve snagged others this way as I’ve been snagged by other sites and you’re now bookmarked and perhaps have become a regular stop for them. Who can fault how it happens? The internet moves in mysterious ways.

    Spanish Inquisitor Blog – come for the hot naked gay sex, stay for the intellectual stimulation.

  6. Spanish Inquisitor Blog – come for the hot naked gay sex, stay for the intellectual stimulation.

    On the other hand, Philly, perhaps some come for the intellectual stimulation and stay for the hot naked gaysex. I wish SI would stop pandering to those readers.

    What is it with you, SI? Take your boy-toy and get a room, for Christ’s sake.

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  8. Actually, I just found you today. I was reading through comments on Atheist Revolution, clicked on you page, and here I am.

    I realize Liberal Disabled Vet is not nearly as exciting as naked daddy (except to my wife?), but I love your site.

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  10. Like LDV, I also came here from Atheist Revolution and landed on your July 9th post on Science education. Brilliant stuff. I now have you on my browser’s RSS feed. Thanks.

  11. I can’t figure out what the hell Technorati does for me, either. I was on there determined to get to the bottom of it when I ran a search of “wordpress humor blogs” and yours came up –along with a porn site with several listings, a site with photos of dogs in Halloween costumes, and a gathering mob with plans to take their torches and chase after Hillary Clinton. This one seemed the most promising so I came over here. I like it, bookmarked it, and I’ll be back.

  12. I found your blog from the Carnival of the Godless. I put many of those blogs on my RSS feed and give them a chance. You have lasted quite a while now and though I lurk, I do check in every day. Keep up the good work.

  13. Thanks everyone who come and go and come again. I write this stuff to amuse and/or gratify only one person – me – but I don’t for a minute think that others might not be interested, and I’d probably stop if no one else read it.

    So I appreciate the feedback.

    I’ll get dressed now.

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  15. I started with a few blogs and it snowballed into clicking on other links to blogs from the comment boxes. Okay, I could of worded that better but I’m too tired to think. Night.

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