Lamb, Slaughter and Feast

Just a reminder to those involved already, or to those who want to be involved (all are invited, including those of a more theistic bent), that in two weeks the second book in the Nonbelieving Literati Book Discussion will be ummm….discussed. The book of the moment is Lamb: The Gospel According to Biff, Christ’s Childhood Pal, by Christopher Moore. Just click on the book over there in my right hand column, near the bottom, for an Amazon description.

Lamb will (hopefully) be offered up for mastication to all who read, perhaps roasted, perhaps skewered, perhaps chewed and spit out raw. The more the merrier. The requirement, however, is to read it and post an essay on or after November 1, 2007, on your own blog, or if you don’t have a blog, on anyone else’s as a comment.

When we invite all, we mean all. If you are a Christian, Hindu, Wiccan, Buddhist or of any other persuasion, and have read the book, or haven’t (see, we’re not particular, though it might be helpful if you read it) and have something to say about it, we would really love to see your participation. Reading, fiction, and discussion have neither religious nor non-religious boundaries.

5 thoughts on “Lamb, Slaughter and Feast

  1. Boy… I’d LOVE to see some theists joining us on this one. Unfortunately, the believing mind is also an exclusive mind and anything contrary becomes blasphemy and, well, you know…

    But it would be fun to hear what some serious Christian REALLY thinks of the book, even if it’s totally contrary to what I think. I guess if they were able to interact like this, we wouldn’t have the oil and water relationship with them that we endure.

    I have NO IDEA what direction I’m going to go with on this book. It made me think of dozens of things… but mostly it just made me laugh. Terrific entertainment, though I wonder if folks who aren’t as familiar with biblical texts as I am will have appreciated it as much. For instance, what would a Hindu take from this?

    Anyway, I continue to enjoy our group readings and discussions. And I encourage others to join us.

  2. Sean:

    If you’d like to be included in the list of members, let me know and I’ll throw your link up there. You can email me at the address listed on my blog, or just leave a comment here or on my companion post.

  3. SI points out that it’s not the same Sean I thought it was, but that doesn’t mean you aren’t invited Sean! We’d love to have you so please contact the Exterminator.

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