Atheist Billboard

Hemant of The Friendly Atheist fame has a story about the first atheist billboard, erected in Madison, Wisconsin. The story is there, and I have really nothing to add to it. I just wanted the graphic on my blog because it looks so good here.

No One Expects an atheist billboard!!

Actually, there is one thing I’d like to say. It’s been a long time coming.

8 thoughts on “Atheist Billboard

  1. I love that they have a billboard but man, is that a corny design. I wish they had hired an ad agency to come up with something sexy. Those damn christians had a great ad campaign where it was white text on black with a comment signed “god”.

    Oh well, gotta pop the cherry somehow. The first one always is a bit awkward. 😉

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  3. PhillyC

    Really? I like it and find it to be very effective. Perhaps it’s my Catholic upbringing, but the stained glass thing works well on me. I suspect that anyone used to sitting in a church staring at the beautiful stained glass windows, while wondering when the service will be over, bored out of their fucking minds, will be attracted to it also.

    It won’t mean much to those “faithheads” Dawkins refers to, but the ones on the fringe, the ones with doubts, those are who it’s aimed at.

  4. Well if you like stained glass, then perhaps have scenes depicted showing dogma in action.

  5. I wish i had a billboard on my corner. Them atheists get all the good stuff. Surf to: and help me with coins. Dig deep. I want my own bill board.

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