Science vs. Norse Mythology

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H/T The Primate Diaries

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(If this seems to slow up your computer, I apologize. It seems to be doing the same to mine. I think the graphic is quite large. But it’s worth it.)

5 thoughts on “Science vs. Norse Mythology

  1. Reading about Norse mythology always makes me think of the old joke, the last part of which is:

    … and the hooker says, “YOU’re Thor? YOU’re Thor? I thuppothe you didn’t even conthider how I feel!”

    That joke just won’t work if you replace Thor with a scientific explanation.

  2. lol, that’s funny. At least that’s one battle we don’t have to fight any more – there are no Vikings running for President (at least, not openly).

  3. Thanks for the link. Great work.

    I’d say it’s time you upgraded your computer though. Perhaps try a Mac. 😉

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