I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday, For A Hamburger Today.

I’ve had a few comments from Christians (well, actually just one) who did not like the graphic at the top of my blog, so in an effort to attract more theists to the site, I’ve decided to temporarily change the graphic of the Zombie Last Supper which I stole from somewhere else (I think I gave credit in a previous post) to something a little less provocative. Of course, please don’t interpret this as an admission that there is anything wrong with the Zombie Last Supper graphic. Frankly, I thought it represented the true nature of exactly what Christ was proposing that his apostles do to him – eat his flesh and drink his blood – far better than DaVinci did. Of course, they would have strung DaVinci up by his testicles to the dome of St. Peter’s Basilica if he had painted that picture.

In any case, I found this over at Pharyngula and thought it struck just the right balance of sacrilege with the blandness of Christianity, such that Christians visiting my site might not take such strong exception.

If my hit count goes up dramatically, I may even make it permanent.

13 thoughts on “I’ll Gladly Pay You Tuesday, For A Hamburger Today.

  1. Ummmm… your new graphic is really bland. In fact, I don’t see anything up there. Is that your idea of a Day-After-Labor-Day-Fool’s joke? Or is there really a visual that isn’t coming through on my version of Firefox?

  2. OK, I can see it now. I think you wimpy-ed out.

    On the other hand, the new graphic should meet the approval of Judeo-Christians. Wasn’t it god who said: “I am he who am what I yam”?

  3. Sorry. I had a little trouble getting WordPress to show it.

    The more I look at it though, the more I’m repulsed by just how insipid it is. Sort of like Christian music.

    I don’t think I’ll have it there long.

  4. I say just leave it up for as long as this is your top post, then go back to the zombies we know and love.

    You have to kind of like Olive sitting in for the effeminate St. John!

  5. As a long time fan of Popeye, I must voice my outrage at the sacrilege of using him like this to portray the hideous, neo-pagan ritual of canabalism which xtians call their “last supper”. I’m appalled! You sir will not be attracting any Popeye-ists here!

    ga-ga-ga-ga-ga 😉

  6. Spanish you have read my post on the former picture. I in no way expected you to change it. I think you should but up there what if you chose. It is your blog.
    You would probably get more views from Christians if you had the other zombies. I myself have a strong distaste for it but that goes for alot of things.
    I agree with you about this picture. It doesn’t do much to stimulate conversation from Christians(when compared to the other). Other than some saying they don’t get it.

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