Ain’t Blogging Fun?

Last week I had a couple of discussions, shall we say, with a few theists, specifically Christians, on other blog sites, where the usual canard was dashed about claiming that mass murderers like Stalin killed all those people “in the name of Atheism”. This rankled me, so I dusted off my History B.A., dug around, and then proceeded to argue (debate) with them about the veracity of their claim. One of the debates occurred here in the comments section of a religious post on evolution. How the thread drifted, I’m not sure. But I do know that it sparked me to write my own blog entry, Atheism and Stalin which immediately preceded the instant post.

I had a few nice comments, some disagreements, but generally a thorough discussion of the various points I raised. I was quite gratified, because even though I started writing this blog for myself only, some mildly inquisitive people actually read and commented on some of it. Feedback is great. The level of discussion is quite high, too.

Imagine my pleasure when others started not only commenting, but writing their own posts, on their own blogs, expanding and expounding on the points I raised, essentially riffing off mine. (Not ripping, riffing – it’s a comic book term). First, John B over at Evolutionary Middleman made some good points fleshing out mine, in Genocide and Atheism. Almost concurrently, PB&J over at Mere Humanity Posted what I felt was a nice literary take on the same issues, in A Will to Power – a Response to Atheism and Stalin. I think he agreed with me. 🙂 But, the fun didn’t stop there.

Next, PhillyChief, over at You Made Me Say It added his inestimable 2¢ (is that an oxymoron?) with Valuation of an Idea, that worked off my post, and a few others, which asked the question

…is doing something in the name of an idea definitive of the idea?

Again, I think he and I agree that the answer is no, but that you can sure learn a lot about the value of the idea by analyzing its source.

Next, today I find that one of my favorite blogs for atheist news and thought, Hemant Mehta’s Friendly Atheist , picked up on the last riff of PhillyChief’s with If A *-ist goes Bad, is a *-ism Wrong?, which sparked a good bit of interesting discussion, and another blog post from Bad over at The Bad Idea Blog who titled his post Who’s with Hitler?: Ism-ism & assault by association”. All this blogging from one post!

Actually that’s not really unusual in the blog world, but it is new to me. I don’t recite all of these variations on the (roughly) same theme in order to toot my own horn. No, I mention it because this is what blogging is about, and because bloggers support each other. Mentioning and linking to everyone else, helps spread important ideas beyond the limited walls of this one blog. They did that for me, by commenting on my post, and I reciprocate.

Blog topics come from other blog topics, for the most part, or topics gleaned from daily life. It is very rewarding to be able to take the germ of an idea, grow it into something that can be given to others, polished so that it is easily understood, and then eventually released into the world for mastication by like and unlike minded people, so as to make the idea better, or have it fall to the side in the marketplace of ideas. Blogging allows we peons to partake in a process previously reserved for professionals. It’s truly a democratic expansion of the right granted to us under the First Amendment. And as an added bonus, we atheists can use it to develop and hone our critical thinking skills.

But more important than that, it’s fun.

8 thoughts on “Ain’t Blogging Fun?

  1. Ole señor! Good to have discovered your blog!

    Looking forward to read some of your stuff (such
    as the atheism and Stalin post) when I get some


  2. “Blogging allows we peons to partake in a process previously reserved for professionals. It’s truly a democratic expansion of the right granted to us under the First Amendment.”

    And it’s why we have to defend the current wide-open, basically free, uncensored format of the Net. There are forces who want to control it, for the obvious reason that they don’t see the values you articulated as being a good thing and because they want a financial piece of the action. Stay alert to these issues as you continue to interconnect with the world.

  3. John, I find it hard to take a guy seriously when he refers to right wing welfare recipients like Dinesh D’Souza as scholarly authority.

  4. With just under a month into blogging, I have to say I too take delight in the participation and spreading of ideas. Quite a lot of fun.

  5. Not ripping, riffing – it’s a comic book term

    I don’t know the actual word history, but I’d bet it’s originally a guitar term based on the idea of a “riff.” 🙂

  6. I always thought it was a musical term, but before I posted that, I looked it up, and what I found said that it was a comic book term. I looked it up again today, and it’s back to being a musical term, but it does have some comic book references too, so I’m thoroughly confused.

    Just another normal day.

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