Carnival of the Godless

Tobe pointed to the Carnival here. I started reading some of the articles, and lo and behold, I discovered that there was one by yours truly, that I had apparently submitted but somehow forgotten about. I must stop drinking.

So, I would be reimiss in not instructing you to go read all of the Godless articles. They are very good.

6 thoughts on “Carnival of the Godless

  1. We Atheists are giants with masks and really hairy arms? I didn’t know we were allowed to wear masks or silly hats, I thought that was just Catholics, Jews, Muslims, et al.

    What exacly is “Christian civilization” anyway? Surely “Godless Atheists” is simply repetition as in “People who don’t believe in gods who have no gods to believe in”. These Christians really need to sort out their posters if this is the best that they can come up with.

  2. I see in the picture a parody the intellectual Giant of science trouncing the city of superstition. But that’s just me!

    And look at John – popping up at the Carnival of Godless, Humanist Symposium, and who knows where else? When does he practice law?

  3. You know not every one is threatened by atheist, think they are primitive, or stupid. I am a Christian and I know you to be none of these. Sadly some do but not everyone.
    Christian civilization is not threatened by atheist. I believe that is a backwards statement.

  4. BG

    Lighten up. It’s a joke. At least from my point of view. I put it up there for a laugh. I have no idea what the intent was behind the original graphic, but I suspect it was done tongue-in-cheek also.

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