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Richard Dawkins unveiled a new documentary recently on British TV, titled The Enemies of Reason. The first installment was shown last week, with the next later this evening (in the UK). Unfortunately, as with The Root of All Evil, we interested viewers across the pond can only see it if we find it on GoogleTube, but, with a computer, there is no problem.

Black Sun, over at the eponymous Black Sun Journal, has graciously posted episode one, “Slaves to Superstition”, which I’ve viewed and thoroughly enjoyed. I am looking forward to the next installment. For one of my regular commentators, there’s even a part where Dawkins has his fortune, or whatever, read by a tarot card reader. Much hilarity ensues! (Kidding. Professor Dawkins is, as always, quite circumspect in his criticism.)

Sometimes we need to be reminded that the process of uncritical thinking is not just relegated to the province of the religious. There is this whole pseudo-science thing that needs to be exposed for what it is – ummm… pseudo-science – chicanery posing as science. It might be fun, it might cause people to look at life in a variety of ways, it my bring out the spiritual side of people, it might even help some people. But it can also be used in nefarious ways, and it leads to the types of mental processes that support the belief in white-bearded men who live in the clouds – not always a good thing. The main question is – is it true?

My modest recommendation is to head on over to Black Sun and view the video and, perhaps, find out.

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