With apologies to David Bowie, I’m bored with the look of my blog, so I’m going to change it. I mentioned in past posts that I tend to do this often in other aspects of my life, so do not be surprised if you see different themes being tested out here. If anything strikes your fancy, let me know. All feedback, positive, neutral or negative, is welcome.

I’m going to start with something called Neo-Sapian (I’m limited to what WordPress allows, but there is a good selection) . It has a nice, in your face, evil-atheist-conspiracy feel to it, almost satanic with all those reds and blacks, which kind of mirrors my mood at the moment.

I’m working at how to put the title to the blog at the top. There doesn’t seem to be a way to do it, which could be a deal killer. I guess I could overlay it in the Zombie Last Supper picture, and I may have to do that. The nice thing about this theme is that it allows me to put the entire Zombie painting up there, rather than a cropped version.

[EDIT] My second attempt is up. I think I like this better.

9 thoughts on “Ch-Ch-Ch-Changes

  1. To fully quote Bowie: “turn and face the STRANGE changes”… my emphasis, of course!

    Actually, after my initial, “what the F”? I almost immediately liked it. Yes, the picture looks great, you LOVE that the comments are back “where they belong” at the end of the post and the only thing I’m ambivalent about is this white text on black background.

  2. Count me as a nay vote on the visual change. The page is so busy now, that the post and comments almost get lost. And I hate this chalk-on-a-blackboard comment section; I can almost hear the squeaking.

    Of course, the content will still be great, no matter what the blog looks like. So the hell with me.

  3. Yea I’m kind of leaning that way myself. The black comment box doesn’t bother me so much, but the contrasts are wearing thin very quickly. I really think the lighter the background, the better.

    I’m going to keep it for another day or so, though, just for a change of pace.

    Or maybe I’ll change it now.

  4. Agreed, I much prefer the second change. I couldn’t even see my cursor on the black background, and this looks a lot less cluttered. All in all not a bad change.

  5. Just looked at the comments box. I like the little HTML help at the top, that can be copied and pasted. I wish all the blogs had that.

    This may be a keeper – for awhile.

  6. vjack

    I wish I could. The font size is built into the CSS of the pre-designed page, and I can’t change it, unless I move outside of WordPress’s limitations. That means paying for a new site, or the right to modify CSS at the least. I’m not ready to do that yet. I’m not so sure how serious I want to take this site, and spending money means I’m serious. 🙂

    I don’t know what browser you use, but in Firefox, you can increase text size on the menu bar View>Text Size>Increase. It probably has more of an effect on people using higher resolutions. My Monitor is set up for 1152 x 864, and I agree, the font looks small. I’ll keep that in mind until I make a final decision on the theme. Thanks.

  7. Well, your main weapon is surprise, right? 🙂

    It looks good to me. I actually prefer light letters on a darkish background, but I’m reliably informed that I’m weird. Black on a light grey, like your comments are now, is my second choice. Too bad (for me) the main body isn’t like that too.

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