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This one needs no comment. Just watch it.

OK, I have to make one comment. I’ve read descriptions of these people, but a description is at least one step removed from my experience. Probably two steps. This video makes it a lot more real.

Thanks to the Barefoot Bum.

10 thoughts on “No Comment

  1. Maybe I’ve got this wrong, but it sounds to me like they’re saying: We want to stop the Muslims from destroying the world, so Jesus can come back and destroy the world.

    The man of peace (i.e. any person who does not want the world to be destroyed — by anyone) is the anti-Christ. Well, I’d like to know who the anti-Christ is, because that’s whom I’d like to vote for in 2008.

  2. My “favorite” part, which the Exterminator mentioned, was the one with the woman who said the antichrist would be a charismatic man who was a peacemaker!

    That’s what is so fucked up about people who take religious texts literally. You can have an engaging man trying to bring about peace in the Middle East, and these Rapture freaks will be like “KILL HIM! HE’S THE ANTICHRIST!”

    What was that line Jesus allegedly uttered, blessed be the peacemakers.

  3. That was a mis-interpretation. I believe the correct line was “Blessed be the Cheese makers.”

  4. Scarier than any horror movie!

    John Hagie has always amazed me. If you are a born again Christian, why would you take advice from someone so personally out of control that they don’t even obey biblical condemnation of gluttony?

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