Googl-oetry? OK, I’ll Bite.

The Exterminator, that non-believing literatus, has created a new form of poetry, by taking those words or phrases people type into their search engines to find us, and expanding on them to create this new type of literature. Here are my Search Engine Terms for today:

Church Fathers
heaven vs hell
Child Brainwashing
spanish adulterers
how to say trust no one in spanish
Humans are sinners

And here is my poem:

hell of a thing having to worry ‘bout you
but santa says, don’t.
even our Church Fathers agree;
heaven vs hell, hell vs heaven, it’s all the same,
just simple Child Brainwashing.
Neanderthals, all of them;
theist? What did you expect?
they may not be spanish adulterers, but
how to say “trust no one” in spanish?
Humans are sinners, if you believe.

Can you say Nobel Prize?

[EDIT] I think I did that wrong, based on a review of the original instructions, but I like it, so I’m keeping it.

One thought on “Googl-oetry? OK, I’ll Bite.

  1. John:

    Hey, there IS no “right” and “wrong.” Who am I to tell you what to do?

    By the way, the Nobel judges said they also liked the poem the way it is. If you had only followed the directions, you might not have been disqualified.

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