Bush Frees Scooter Libby!

It’s bad enough that the man really behind the leak of Valerie Plame’s CIA connection is not even to be charged, but the man who was hand picked by Cheney and Bush to take the fall, Scooter Libby, will not see a day in jail.

Most will remember that when this story first broke, Bush swore to the country that when he got to the bottom of it, and discovered the identity of the leaker, the person responsible would be held accountable. The Court found Libby responsible for obstructing the independent prosecutor’s inquiry, even though it now appears that Karl Rove and Richard Armitage actually provided the original information for the article that leaked her identity, but now no-one, and that means not a single person, will be held accountable. What a waste of our tax dollars to have Special Prosecutor Patrick Fitzgerald and his office spends years and millions of dollars on the investigation, only to have the President of the United States thwart what little justice was handed down.

Does this lead anyone to conclude that perhaps Bush himself was behind the leak? It appears, even if it’s not true, that the fix was in! The White House should be concerned not only with actual impropriety, but the appearance of impropriety, even if Bush is a lame duck with no fear of electoral consequences. It demeans the office of the most powerful leader of the most powerful country in the world otherwise. He probably figured that with approval ratings in the 20’s, what did he have to lose?

Bush paid lip service to the fact that it was not a pardon, and Libby still had to pay his fine of $250,000.00. Big deal! His right wing cronies will have that money raised for him before you finish reading this sentence. And he’ll also get a wonderful, cushy job in the lobbying industry making far more than he ever made in the public sector. He’ll really suffer.

It’s reassuring to know that Paris Hilton spent more time in jail than Scooter Libby, isn’t it? Hell, even one of the reporters who wrote about the leak, Judith Miller, spent more time in jail for refusing to name her source!

For shame.

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  2. Once again, Bush shows loyalty to his cronies . . . and lies to the rest of the country. I’m still waiting for this guy to accomplish even one honorable thing during his dismal occupation of the White House.

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