God is Back!

In the “It Must Be a New Age of Miracles!” Department, we have the story of the missing lake. It appears that God has finally decided to create a miracle we can fully understand and appreciate. One that really makes us sit up and take notice. Not like those cheesy miracles he’s been performing lately. Not one of those one shot (but tasty) deals meant to impress one person. Not another vulva in concrete. No, this is the real thing. God seems to be saying that he still has the right stuff. If he can make a whole lake disappear, he can do anything. Except maybe… stop a tsunami, but hey, they deserved it, what with all those homosexuals in San Francisco prancing around in their skivvies.

Millions of liters of fresh water were gone.

That’s millions. Not a gallon, or tens of liters, but millions of liters of water! Poof! gone. Are you not impressed? God is back, and with a vengeance.

Don’t listen to those so-called scientists, with their so-called theories and explanations. We know who did it. It has nothing to do with global warming.

Now if we could only figure out why.

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