The Cruelest Joke

Please! No Fatwas!

My brain started pondering (and that’s sometimes dangerous – the byproducts alone have almost killed me) while reading all these great posts in the various Carnivals and Symposiums, about what has to be the cruelest joke ever played on mankind – the idea of life after death. I don’t really have to expound on this one, it should be so obvious. I suspect that there have been literally millions of well meaning, good people who have lived and died, fervently believing that after they took their last breath, they would be in a better place. Their particular visions of heaven, or the afterlife, may have varied, but there is no doubt that they thought they’d, in some way, live on.

What a cruel joke to play on people. The only good thing one can say about it is that they’ll never really find out it was all for nought.

On the other hand, what if, just what if, at the moment we draw that last breath, we still have enough residual consciousness in our brain (we all agree that our consciousness resides exclusively in out brain, don’t we?) to realize that there is no afterlife, no heaven, no hell, no nothing? As we slowly fade out to non-existence, it suddenly dawns on us. It’s not true! I’m leaving. I’m not coming back. There is nothing I’m going to. No light to move toward. No loved ones to see in the afterlife. Nothing. Nada. Zip.

And it’s perfectly obvious in a matter of a split second.

Now wouldn’t that be the epitome of cruelty?

7 thoughts on “The Cruelest Joke

  1. I think the trick about our ending is that those of us who believe it’s over when it’s over and who have read the research that says that the vision of the light and so forth is simply the brain shutting down are the only ones who are going to find it difficult. The believers will see the light and think they’re right and then it will be over and they’ll have gone out believing they were right.

    I don’t know about you, but unless I’m in dementia I’m going to know what’s going on and I’m likely to not be happy about it. I want to know how the whole human race/planetary thing turns out, and I’ll never know. Damn!

  2. It’s like missing the beggining of a film, and knowing you’re going to have to miss the ending as well. What the hell, you might as well enjoy the bit you’re watching. There may be some spontaneous nudity or someone might fall over.

  3. The point of the brevity and finality of life is to ultimately enjoy it and to enjoy the companionship of friends and family.

    Whereas the living may take comfort in the thought that their loved ones are waiting for them, it’s far more rewarding and just to honour the memory of those gone before you and, to do the Dead justice, to live your life to the fullest.

  4. And how do you know all this? That that’s is cruel joke, that what you say it,s true.

  5. Scientists are stupid atheists so screw them all. There is a God, Heaven, Hell, Satan, and life after death. And, by the way you talk, I think we both know where you will be going, so pick up the King James Version of the bible and get enlightened because there is life after death, and you won’t like the one you will have if you don’t change that kind of thinking. and there is no changing your mind after your dead. one shot. get it right.

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