Jerry Falwell ● 1933 – 2007

Condolences to his family. No matter how pointless he was, how idiotic his thinking, how loathsome his beliefs, how misguided his teaching, he still was the husband and father of a family, who will probably miss him. As a humanist, I grieve for any fellow human, and for those who are touched by his passing.

However, I could not help but think about the instant of his death. What was his last thought? “I’m about to die?”; “I’m going to finally see my Lord!”; “What’s that burning in my chest?”;”Wait! This isn’t Heaven!”.

One second he believes that when he dies, he will go to heaven. The next second, he finds out.

A second later, nothing.

You gotta admit, though, he did give us a lot to chuckle about. Like that TeleTubbies thing. And what about this? It sure helped ol’ Larry Flint. Even Rehnquist probably had a good laugh over that little bit of nonsense.

And I always liked this poster.

Then there was Jerry’s Task list. It seemed so authentic.

So, let us look on the bright (no pun intended) side and thank doG we had Jerry Falwell for a little while.