Short Book Note

I just read a favorable review of Christopher Hitchens’ recently released book, “God Is Not Great: How Religion Poisons Everything” , reviewed by Michael Kinsley, who used to be the editor over at Slate. The review is posted at the New York Times and can be read here, until it gets buried in the archives.

Also, the book has leapt to #3 on the hardcover Non-Fiction NY Times bestseller list in its first week, behind the George Tenet book, and the Walter Isaacson book on Einstein.

Atheism seems to be the trend du jour in publishing circles at the moment. I am hoping that it is not just a publishing fad, one which will die down like most other fads, when people stop buying the books. With the success of the Dawkins and two Harris books, and Victor Stegner’s book hitting the bestseller list, albeit for a short time, it seems that American appetites are primed for books that not only “attack” god, but actually use critical analysis on the thinking, or lack thereof, behind belief. So I suspect this will continue for awhile, and I hope this publishing phenomenon 1 continues until the number of atheists has reached a point where we begin to have some effect on the national discourse.

1 I do not use that term loosely. I cannot remember where so many books about atheism have not only been published, but reached best seller status all within a short period of time.