Religious Right, Redux

Sometimes, when I’ve had a few drinks, I think it’s a good thing that Mr. “Mission Accomplished” and his cronies actually got into office and were able to implement many of the crackpot policies that the Religious Right have been advocating since Reagan was elected. In the 80’s, they didn’t have the political clout or power they now have, so only since 2001 have they been able to actually put into practice some of their social theories. (Of course, the downside is that they’ve actually been able to put into practice some of their social theories, not to mention starting the process of packing the Supreme Court with Stepford Judges).

Lynn’s daughter, over at the eponymous Lynn’s Daughter, Thinking, has related the fascinating story of what’s occurred at the local level in her area of Rio Rancho, N.M. Clearly, the religious folk who have taken control of the School Board, the Mayor’s office, etc., have done a nice job of exposing to the bright light of critical analysis the vacuous nature of their agenda. At this micro level, they have discredited themselves, shamelessly.

On the national, macro level, the Attorney General is up to his eyeballs in serious ineptitude, which can be partially attributed to the fact that many of his advisors and underlings are graduates of a fourth rate Christian Law School. The Faith based initiative program is now held in disrepute, even by the people in charge of the program in the Bush Administration. As Lynn’s daughter mentions at her local level, and as recently reported in the national media, Abstinence Only Sex-ed is a sham, nothing more than faith based pork, costing taxpayers millions of dollars, for nothing. All we need now, to cap this, is for one of the Bush girls to disclose her teenage abortion.

So, in one way, we actually have the Religious Right to thank for exposing the Religious Right.

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